What is Madstop.org?

Madstop.org is a safe haven for people who are considered different, peculiar, weird, geeks, and you name it. This is a community for artists from different fields of art to share their passion, skills, and their opinions about their work. Members can raise a question, seek advice, or share something interesting to get everyone inspired.

How Do I Report an Offensive Member?

We highly discourage any type of bullying or sarcasm in our forum. These incidents are taken seriously by administrators. If you experience harassment, profanity, or offensive remarks, please contact us, and we will review the thread.

Do You Have Meet Ups?

It’s not hard to find a group of friends here at Madstop.org. Base on experience, groups arrange meetups on their own. And that’s is perfectly fine. Madstop.org does hold meetups a few times a year. One of our favourite places is the dinner cruise Amsterdam, because we love to sip good wine while enjoying the company of our members.

Am I Required to Pay a Fee to be a Member?

It’s free to join Madstop.org. It will always be free. But if you find in your heart to donate cold cash, we are delighted to receive it. Donations are used for site maintenance and some expenses required for Madstop.org to operate.

I Don’t Consider Myself a Geek or Peculiar, Can I still Join?

Definitely yes. If you find Madstop.org interesting, feel free to join and participate in forums. The only requirement is respect towards other members.

Can I Hire Artists from this Site?

Madstop.org has not decided whether we should go into that direction yet. As of the moment, we enjoy the free sharing of information related to the arts. We highly value authenticity. If you want to hire an artist from our list of members, you may do so, outside Madstop.org.